The Compassionate Mind Foundation was founded as an international charity in 2006 by Professor Paul Gilbert and colleagues including Drs Deborah Lee, Mary Welford, Chris Irons, Ken Goss, Ian Lowens, Chris Gillespie, Mrs Diane Woollands, Mrs Jean Gilbert and other supporters.

The Compassionate Mind Foundation promotes an evolution and neuroscience informed approach to compassion which now forms the basis of a psychotherapy (Compassion Focused Therapy) and Compassionate Mind Training. The last 10 years have seen an expanding evidence base for both the therapy and Compassionate Mind Training for the alleviation of mental health difficulties and promoting wellbeing. It is now being used internationally in hospitals, prisons, schools and businesses. One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is how to stimulate compassion ways of thinking and problem solving for the benefit of all.



Join us at International Conferences with a number of renowned speakers!


We have an exciting new programme of CFT workshops for practioners on topics including self- esteem, trauma and group therapy.

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We are a charitable organisation and rely on the generous support of our members and supporters. There are a number of ways you can get involved including attending our events, fundraising or becoming a member. 

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New Online Workshops!

25th August 2020

We're excited to announce that COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY FOR GROUPS with Kate Lucre, and COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY FOR COMPLEX CASES with Prof Paul Gilbert are now ONLINE. We also have the first in our new series of 'taster' webinars, starting with Dr Kerensa Hocken & Dr Jon Taylor on COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY F...

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