Guided Practices

We are excited to share with you a new set of Compassionate Mind Guided Practices, recorded with Paul in May 2024, which you can find above. We're developing more of these kinds of resources, so we'd REALLY appreciate your feedback on this new set, and to hear any ideas of what you might like us to provide in the future - our feedback survey will take just a couple of minutes.

Here are some beautiful Soothing Rhythm Breathing exercises from Matt Le Mare. In addition to a SRB guided practice, Matt offers us variations on this with different accompaniments - heartbeat, music, sea and a woodland brook. You can also enjoy these accompaniments on their own without words. i

Guided Practices from Around the World

We are currently building a library of guided practices from around the world, that will provide our compassionate mind training meditations in a variety of different languages. In the mean time, you can enjoy some guided practices in Ελληνικά με Elli and dansk med Lena


Compassionate Music
is an initiative of compassion focused musicians, led by Matt Le Mare. Their album, Future Self, is available for download.

Radio & Podcast Episodes

The Compassionate Mind - Prof Paul Gilbert on Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich (2023)

CFT for OCD - Dr Niki Petrocchi on The OCD Stories (26th September 2021)

Humiliation (Paul Gilbert on Philippa Perry's documentary for BBC Radio 4, 27.4.18)

What's going on upstairs?: Social anxiety (James Kirby on Afternoons on ABC Radio Australia, 7.6.17)