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The discussion groups have been created to help individuals who are interested in developing the evolutionary and biopsychosocial approach to compassion and its dissemination. Hence they are not general compassion lists, but support our specific scientific approach to compassion that seeks to link our understanding of how the human mind evolved, it’s neurophysiological architecture, with psychological and social process that shape and are shaped by it. This approach draws on a range of different approaches including Western scientific and the contemplative traditions - but with a specific focus on the evolutionary dynamics and challenges of the brain. Those wishing to join these lists should have some familiarity with the basic CFT model.

There are three main discussion lists, highlighted below, which correspond to the three areas in which the Foundation is principally involved, and a series of discussion lists which connect with our special interest groups

Advice about discussion list subscription

You can be added to the discussion list(s) with any kind of email address, but if you wish to access the online archive associated with each list, you will need a googleaccount (this is solely because our discussion lists are hosted by googlegroups). If you don't have a googleaccount, they are easy to set up. To join a list, please email Hannah.

Receiving emails

There are four different options for how you can receive discussion list emails:

ALL (emails come into your inbox as they are sent)

DIGEST (collates emails into one email - usually every 25 emails or once a day)

SUMMARY DIGEST (once a day, summarising the day's activity)

NO EMAIL (web access only)


In order for our discussion lists to thrive, it is important for all members to engage with discussions compassionately and respectfully. Please remember these lists are for exchanging ideas, sharing good practice, information and resources which help us all to learn more. Thus, we kindly request that the discussions are kept relevant and constructive (refraining from critical or defamatory comments). While discussion of different views is welcomed, it is important to recognise that the focus must remain on our specific approach. Following feedback from the discussion list community, we are working on developing a more detailed guide for our lists which we hope to publish soon.


Please note participants joining the list do so on the understanding that they recognise the nature of the list and that material shared is confidential unless otherwise stated. Participants are clinically and personally responsible for how they use any of the materials learned through the list or the Foundation’s website. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for full details.