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Resources to inspire and empower your compassionate mind

New Resources

This is a must for anyone interested in CFT. It's received rave reviews and provides a rich and inspiring exploration of the theory and practice of CFT. To buy, click here.

See a conversation from last year's conference - Paul Gilbert interviews internally renowned Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard

Just published! Incredible new book from two of our CFT trainers, drawing on years of research and clinical practice. To buy, click here

In this interview, Paul shares how his early training and experiences helped him appreciate the importance of compassion and explains how Compassion Focused Therapy is linked to both scientific realities and spiritual philosophies. Joachim and Paul also discuss how compassion is not just a therapeutic tool, but something that is essential to thriving schools and workplaces.

Dr Rose Horton-Smith, who has researched experiences of caring for those with dementia and/or cancer, discuess her passion for end of life care, dementia care, caring for carers and compassion.

The wonderful Deirdre Fay talks about her work, and how we csan become safely embodied. You can see part two here.

The Lasting Connection author, and compassion focused therapist Michaela Thomas discusses perfectionism and her work with couples.

Series of lectures, organised by the University of Queensland in Australia, which explore compassion and new technologies.

Fantastic new podcast from Dr Hayley Quinn, former president of Compassionate Mind Australia, who explores compassion for self and self care.

Dr Johannes Graser, based in Germany, discusses his work using CFT for persistent depression and intellectual difficulties