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Resources to inspire and empower your compassionate mind

New Resources

Prof Paul Gilbert's 'Nature of Compassion, Fear, Safe Relating and World Change' lecture series.
A couple of years ago, Paul joined up with yoga teacher Celia Roberts to explore how we might incorporate CFT with yoga practice. You can see the full series here, and see a discussion between Paul, Celia and James Kirby here.

Sophie Greenfield, who is a student counsellor at City, University of London, discussed compassion for students in this podcast for Carrot Radio.

Dr Isabelle Leboeuf, a French clinical psychologist, discusses her doctoral research into suffering and joy.

Dr Lisa McLean discusses her incredible doctoral research on CFT as a group-based intervention for adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Dr Julia Wahl, who leads CFT Poland, discuses practicing and cultivating compassion throughout our whole lives.

Dr Tara Hickey, who is the Victoria lead for Compassionate Mind Australia, discusses her doctoral research into a mindfulness and compassion focused group program for youth with psychosis.

A wonderful new iniative of compassion focused musicians, led by Matt Le Mare. For more information, please click here.

Matt Le Mare discusses how compassion can be used alongside music therapy and how he has blended it into his approach with clients.