Special Interest Groups

Welcome to our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Our SIGS, which are each led by experienced and dedicated members of our community, have been established to support and cultivate the application of Compassion Focused Therapy and Compassionate Mind Training within a particular field or area. Each SIG has its own discussion list, where members share recent publications, explore clinical or practical issues, come together to discuss certain topics or share practice. These are free to join.

These SIGS are intended for professional use and aimed at those working in healthcare. If you are a CFT practitioner (who has done some prior CFT/CMT training), you are welcome to join a SIG. If you would like to join a list, please click the link beneath the image of the group you wish to join, or you can email us via the 'join groups here' button below. We request that you refer to the groups represented here, but if there is an area you'd like to see us represent, you can email any suggestions to Hannah.

List members are asked to follow our list engagement guidelines, which can be viewed here.

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