Here are our research scales.  They are free to use with permission.  Please do not change them without contacting us 

They are to facilitate compassion research only. We now have a number of scales that have been translated into different languages, for more information please  contact us to access the translations. If you would like to the translate a scale please contact us before doing so. 

Adolescent Social Comparison Scale

Adolescent Submissive Behaviour Scale

Attitudes Towards Mental Health Problems

Competitiveness and Caring Scale

Confidentiality Scale

Defeat Scale

Early Life Events Scale

Early Memories of Warmth and Safeness Scale

Entrapment Scale

Fear of Happiness Scale

Fear of Negative Emotions Scale

Fears of Compassion Scale

Functions of Self-Criticising/Attacking Scale

Forms of Self-Criticising/Attacking and Self-Reassuring Scale

Other As Shamer Scale

Sensitivity to Put-Down Scale

Social Comparison Scale

Social Safeness and Pleasure

Strive to Avoid Inferiority Scale

Submissive Behaviour Scale

Submissive Compassion Scale

The Compassionate Engagement and Action Scale

Three Types of Positive Affect Scale