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Addressing Self Criticism (Paul Gilbert)

Building The Compassionate Self (Paul Gilbert)

Compassionate Image And Compassionate Community (Paul Gilbert)

Deepening The Compassionate Self (Paul Gilbert)

Postures, Faces And Voice Tones (Paul Gilbert)

Soothing Rhythm Breathing Practice (Paul Gilbert)

Playlist: Compassion themed songs

Dr Philip Molyneux has made a Spotify play list of songs about compassion suggested by members of the discussion group.

Radio: Has compassion been hijacked by do-gooders? on ABC Radio Australia

Sunday 3rd March 2019

It now looks like compassion could have been integral to our human evolution and is scientifically proven to make us happier. Radio interview with Prof Paul Gilbert and Dr James Kirby.

Radio: Mental Health with Anna Williamson on BBC Radio 3 Counties (9.1.2019)

Included in this radio programme about mental health is an 8 minute interview in which the  work of the Compassionate Mind Foundation is promoted. The second part looks at compassion and working in Schools, and features  Dr Frances Maratos, Beth O'Riordan and many others. 

Click to 32.50 on the link.


Radio: What's going on upstairs? Social anxiety

t can get pretty crowded inside that head of yours, too many things racing around at once. But what do you do when it all starts to get a little negative? When what your thinking, particularly about yourself starts to become debilitating.

Katherine Feeney was joined by James Kirby, Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist at the University of Queensland who's research focusses on compassion.

Radio: Humiliation (BBC Radio 4)

In the wake of recent political upheavals, psychotherapist Philippa Perry examines the role that humiliation plays, at personal, economic and political levels.

At the heart of this programme is the effect that humiliation has upon an individual and its potential to shape the behaviour of both individuals and communities. We hear the life story of reformed criminal Noel 'Razor' Smith and how humiliation has influenced his life - from childhood to the 33 years he spent in prison.

Provoking questions of masculinity, belonging and power, humiliation is an emotion as old as human nature itself, and relevant today in the international political shifts that led to Brexit and the Presidency of Donald Trump. Perry speaks to the clinical psychologist Professor Paul Gilbert about this emotion, from the evolution of humankind to the 21st Century. She also talks to sociologist Professor Victor Seidler whose perspective is shaped not just by his professional research into masculinity and social theory, but also by his own Jewish identity.

We hear from the actor and opera singer Rosie Middleton, who is starring in an upcoming opera, written by composer Michael Betteridge, based on the experiences of women who have been humiliated online by men. The arias are based on the personal experiences of Rosie and several other women. And so the programme's gaze moves towards how victims of humiliation can begin to overcome this emotion.

PODCAST: More Than Kindness: Compassion and its Uses

Episode of Conversations on ABC Radio, 27.3.19


Psychologist Professor Paul Gilbert developed a new style of therapy while working for the UK's National Health Service more than 30 years ago. He was treating a cohort of patients for whom available therapies, in particular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, were not working. They were typically patients whose depression was accompanied by intense self-criticism, and shame. Paul developed Compassion Focused Therapy, which helps people use compassion as a motivation.

He says compassion is not about kindness, but is about confronting the reality of life and death with wisdom, and taking beneficial action. Paul says evolutionary psychopathology is the key to understanding why human brains are so contrary, equally capable of extreme cruelty and great goodness. Drives and instincts inherited from ancient forebears, are complicated by our 'newer' brains' insight, intelligence, and social conditioning.

PODCAST: CFT for Pregnancy and Postpartum Emotional Wellness

Dr Michelle Cree discusses her work on using compassion focused therapy for pregnancy and child rearing on the Gentlebirth Podcast.

PODCAST: Differentiation, Integration and Transformation

Dr James Kirby and Dr Stan Steindl discuss their recent experience with running compassionate mind training groups, especially working with participants around the role of the compassionate self in helping them to differentiate, integrate and transform multiple selves and old patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

PODCAST: Review of the Compassionate Mind Foundation's 2018 Conference

Dr James Kirby chats with Dr Nicola Petrocchi of Compassionate Mind Italia, at the Compassionate Mind Foundation's 2018 annual conference in London.

PODCAST: Overcoming Anxiety

Dennis Tirch discusses his work on helping clients overcome their struggles with anxiety on the Pathways podcast (April, 2018).

PODCAST: 'Mindful Compassion'

Paul Gilbert discusses his work on the Pathways podcast (February 2018)

PODCAST: 'Cultivating the Compassionate Mind'

Headtalks podcast

'Cultivating the Compassionate Mind' with Prof Paul Gilbert

PODCAST: Alphabet of the Heart

This Podcast Series features Dr James R. Doty, Neurosurgeon and Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research Education (CCARE) at Stanford University, and Dr James Kirby, Clinical Psychologist and Visiting Scholar at CCARE.

Each episode features Dr Doty and Dr Kirby discussing a mnemonic Dr Doty created called, "The Alphabet of the Heart", which he wrote about in his book, Into the Magic Shop. Dr Doty and Dr Kirby discuss each letter of the mnemonic in, which includes compassion, dignity, equanimity, forgiveness, gratitude, humility, integrity, justice, kindness, and love. In each episode we provide personal reflections, research on the attribute, as well as practical tips to cultivate that specific attribute.