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A pilot exploration of heart rate variability and salivary cortisol responses to compassion-focused imagery

Rockliff, H., Gilbert, P., McEwan, K., Lightman, S. & Glover, D. (2008), Clinical Neuropsychiatry.

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A pilot exploration of the use of compassionate images in a group of self-critical people

Paul Gilbert & Chris Irons (2004) Memory.

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Compassion Focused Therapy after traumatic brain injury: Theoretical foundations and a case illustration. (2011)

Ashworth, F.M, Gracey, F & Gilbert, P. Brain Impairment

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Compassionate Mind Training for People with High Shame and Self-Criticism: Overview and Pilot Study of a Group Therapy Approach

P Gilbert & S Proctor (2006). Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

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Compassionate Mind Training with People who hear Malevolent Voices: A Case Series Report

Mayhew, S.L. & Gilbert, P.  15, 113-138 (2008). Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy.

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Criticizing and reassuring oneself: An exploration of forms, styles and reasons in female students

P Gilbert, M Clarke, S Hempel, J N V Miles, C Irons (2004).  British Journal of Clinical Psychology.

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International Journal of Cognitive Therapy: Compassion Focused Therapy

Special Issue on Compassion Focused Therapy

2010, Volume 3 Issue 2

Compassion Focused Therapy: A Special Section
Paul Gilbert

An Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy in Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Paul Gilbert

Mindfulness as a Context for the Cultivation of Compassion
Dennis D. Tirch

A Compassion Focused Approach to Anxiety Disorders
Mary Welford

Compassion Focused Therapy for Eating Disorders
Kenneth Goss, Steven Allan

A Compassion Focused Model of Recovery after Psychosis
Andrew Gumley, Christine Braehler, Heather Laithwaite, Angus MacBeth, Paul Gilbert

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Paranoid Beliefs And Self-Criticism In Students

Mills, A., Gilbert, P., Bellew, R., McEwan, K. & Gale, C. (2007). Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

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Self-Criticism and Self-Warmth. An Imagery Study Exploring their Relation to Depression

P Gilbert, M W Baldwin, C Irons, J R Baccus & M Palmer. (2006). Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy.

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