Membership as part of the Compassionate Mind Foundation is an endeavour to build a community of members who will have access to a range of exclusive resources. This will include video and audio files, training materials and handouts, as well as access to research resources such as literature database, research directory and much more.  All membership contributions help to support the Foundation and the work that we do. These resources are intended to supplement and support those you have attended CFT training and not intended as self-help resources or replacement for training. 


What your membership includes


only £45.00
per year


Our collection of videos include recordings  from some of our international conferences, training videos and in 2018 we are hoping to bring exclusive interviews with people in the CFT community.


Guided practices avaiable now.

Online Resources

Our online resources exclusive for members include handouts, tip sheets, and manuals aimed to support practitioners. Members will also have access to an archive of past conference presentations. 


Our research resources include literature database, CFT research and researcher directory as well as syntax for all our scales coming soon!

For only £45.00 per year, you get unlimited access to our  membership section!