Working with Multiple Selves (2014)

One from our archives!
This is a role play between Paul Gilbert and Wendy Wood,
which was recorded in 2014 and demonstrates how we
can explore multiple selves in a therapy session.

Working with Self Criticism

This lecture, by Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, on Working with Self Attacking Self Criticism, was delivered at the University of Roehampton, London, in April 2023

This is a role play between Paul Gilbert and Ghislane exploring working with self criticism, and was part of the Compassion in Therapy 2023 Training Series hosted by the Awake Network.

Compassion Focused Therapy for those with a Bipolar Diagnosis

This video explores a recent study by members of the Compassionate Mind Foundation which used Compassion Focused Group Therapy for individuals with a bipolar disorder diagnosis. The results were published in the paper Compassion Focused Group Therapy for People With a Diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder: A Feasibility Study. You can see a talk on this work by Dr Andrew Rayner and Dr Alison Hayes, which was recorded during our 2020 conference. Hannah Gilbert gave a talk about the results for the University of Roehampton, London's CREST series, which can be viewed here.  

In this video you will hear more about the project and its findings, as well as reflections from members of the group. This was recorded in Birmingham in 2023

Case Discussion (2021)

In this video, which was recorded during a supervision session for
CFT Greece, Prof Paul Gilbert & Dr Elli Tholouli role play a client who
struggles with self hatred and social anxiety.

Paul Gilbert with 'Lily' and 'Dominic' (2017)