2019 Conference Presentations

Compassion Focused Therapy and the Contemplative Traditions (Symposium)

Compassion in Buddhist Psychology - Dr Dennis Tirch & Dr Laura Silberstein Tirch

The role of breathwork in contemplative practice and CFT - Mie Tastesen

Integrating zen, focusing and Buddhist psychology principles into CFT techniques - Dr Racheli Miller

Compassionate Technology (Symposium)

Embodied sensor technology for emotion regulation - Dr. Matthijs Noordzij

Development of a CMT app for people with Cancer - Judith Austin

Creating a CFT App from The Compassionate Mind Workbook - Dr Chris Irons and Dr Elaine Beaumont

Therapist Reflections on Compassion Focused Therapy (Symposium)

Welcome to self: Reflections on compassion from the therapist's chair - Dr Hayley Quinn+

Only us: Reflections on CFT across the spectrum of human distress - Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland

The perfect fit: Facilitating CFT groups for survivors of childhood sexual abuse' - Lisa McLean

+You can access Hayley's meditation by clicking here

Helping the Body: Compassion Focused Therapy in Physical Health Settings (Symposium)

"I wasnae sure about it": Incorporating CFT into a Pain Management Programme - Dr Linsay Brassington

Hashimoto's Heart: A pilot study of an online training program - Dr Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva

Perceptions of compassion and self-criticism in newly diagnosed cancer sufferers - Dr Stans Drossaert

Guided Practise Session

with Deirdre Fay

Breathwork Practise Session

with Prof Paul Gilbert & Mie Tastesen

Clinical Panel

with Prof Mick Cooper, Prof Paul Gilbert, Prof Deborah Lee, Dr Dennis Tirch & Dr Hayley Quinn

Compassion and the Body (Symposium)

How social connectedness inhibits the default stress response - Prof Jos Brosschot

"Can't get it out of my head... and my body": The impact of perseverative cognition on HRV and the buffering role of compassionate interactions - Dr Cristina Ottaviani

Testing the tripartite affect regulation systems in both community and forensic adolescents - Ruben Sousa

Compassion in Organisations (Symposium)

Organisational threat and compassion for others - Dr Philip Molyneux

​Introducing compassion in leadership and organisations - Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen & Henrik Tingleff

The three system model in organisations: Scale development and initial data - Dr Chris Irons

Compassion Focused Therapy with Harmful Others (Symposium)

Why is CFT relevant to Forensic work? - Dr Jon Taylor & Dr Sunil Lad

CFT and sexual offending - Dr Jamie Walton & Dr Kerensa Hocken

CFT for anger and aggression - Dr Russell Kolts

CFT with young offenders: Changeability of psychopathic traits after a 20 session individual intervention program - Prof Daniel Rijo & Diana Ribeiro da Silva

The Role of Culture in Compassion Focused Approaches to Living (Symposium)

Cultural competence and compassion-focused mental health - Prof Dawn Edge

Compassion in politics and the dangers of being right - Jennifer Nadel

A transcultural approach to CFT - Dr Hannah Gilbert

Social Motivation in the Egosystem and the Ecosystem (Keynote)

Prof Jennifer Crocker

Compassion and Ego Goals: Data and Therapy (Symposium)

Does compassionate mind training change interpersonal goals? Exploring effects on compassionate vs self-image goals and associations with psychological and physiological indicators - Dr Marcela Matos

Evaluation of a web-based self-compassion intervention to reduce student assessment anxiety - Dr Kirsten McEwan  

How self-image and compassionate goal orientation impacts men's mental health - Dr James Kirby

The Integrative Power of Compassion: From Minds to Societies (Keynote)

Prof Paul Gilbert

2018 Conference Presentations

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