Workshop 1: Fears, Blocks and Resistances

October 10, 2022
Edinburgh Royal College of Physicians and Online

Timings & Registration

The workshop will start at 9.30 and finish at 16.30.

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About this workshop

Nearly all therapies recognise that helping clients deal with their fears and resistance to the process of change can be a central part of successful therapy. Freud identified a number of processes while behavioural therapy focuses on experiential and situational avoidance. CFT however also helps clients cultivate and utilise evolved motives for caring that come with particular psychophysiological profiles. These partly evolved out of the evolution of attachment. However, individuals who have come from ‘problematic’ backgrounds may have various trauma memories coded within the attachment system which can be activated through compassion process and needs to be addressed facilitating the big three emotions associated with these difficulties such as anger, anxiety and grief which can be central to the capacity to develop a compassionate mind.

We will explore

·      Fears: Feels alien, doesn't feel right, not sure what will happen, makes me sad, could make me weak.

·      Blocks: misunderstanding compassion, lack of insight, don't know what to do, lack of support.

·      Resistances:  too costly, don't deserve, negative consequences.

·      Core steps to building a biopsychosocial approach to compassion cultivation.

Learning Outcomes

To have:

·      an overview of CFT.

·      understand the importance of a biopsychosocial approach to compassion -why is it such a fundamental issue in therapeutic change.

·      why compassion is feared.

·      how to build a step by step the cultivation of a compassionate mind for self and others.

Recommended Reading

Gilbert, P. (2022). Formulation andfears, blocks and resistances. To appear in P. Gilbert & G. Simos. (eds). Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical practice and applications (chap 6). London. Routledge.

Kirby, J. N., Day,J., & Sagar, V. (2019). The ‘Flow’ of compassion: A meta-analysis ofthe fears of compassion scales and psychological functioning. Clinical Psychology Review, 70, 26-39.

Meet your instructor(s)

Prof Paul Gilbert OBE

Founder and President