Compassion Focused Therapy Publications 2023

Compassion Focused Therapy's literature base continues to flourish and expand, building our knowledge and inspiring our practice. Below, you'll find links to the latest published research*, which has been compiled with a focus specifically on CFT. We have included hashtags to help highlight content and location, and we'll shortly be adding a research digest video which will summarise the main findings.

*At present, this list includes English language articles

Petrocchi, N., Ottaviani, C., Cheli, S., Matos, M., Baldi, B., Basran, J. K., & Gilbert, P. (2023). The impact of compassion-focused therapy on positive and negative mental health outcomes: Results of a series of meta-analyses. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice.


Austin, J., Schroevers, M. J., Van Dijk, J., Sanderman, R., Børøsund, E., Wymenga, A. M. N., ... & Drossaert, C. H. (2023). Compas-Y: A mixed methods pilot evaluation of a mobile self-compassion training for people with newly diagnosed cancer. Digital Health, 9, 20552076231205272. #CMT #mobile #cancer #Netherlands

Bell, T., Montague, J., Elander, J., Pugh, M. & Gilbert, P. (2023) Bringing the inside out and the outside in: The therapeutic relationships in compassion focused therapy chairwork. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine 8(3) #therapeuticrelationship #chairwork

Busfield, A., Peters, C., & McKenzie, K. (2023). Kind minds: using the ‘compassionate kitbag’ in a compassion focused therapy group for adults with intellectual disabilities. Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities. #intellectualdifficulties

Calabria, L., Peters, C., & Williams, M. (2023). A compassion focused approach to understanding the mental health of climate scientists. The Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. #climatechange # scientists

Crone, R.L.; Brown, R.J. & Bell, T. (2023) ‘Like I'd been listened to without actually saying words’: Picturing the nurturer in compassion-focused therapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy Research

Kianimoghadam, A. S., Bahri, R., Khesali, M., Aghaei, Z. P. S., & Arani, A. M. (2023). The Effectiveness of Compassion-Focused Therapy on Resilience, Shame, Internal Self-Criticism, and Quality of Life of Patients with Vitiligo. Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, #shame #selfcriticism #physicalhealth #skindisorder #Iran

French, J., Brown, R., & Bell, T. (2023). ‘It’s Nice for My Body but I Don’t Like It’–Experiences of Soothing Rhythm Breathing in Clients with Depression. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine, 8(4), 1-31. #soothingrhythmbreathing #depression #UK

Gilbert, P. (2023). Compassion-Focused Therapy and Schizotypy: An Exploration of an Evolution-Informed Biopsychosocial Approach. In S. Cheli & P.H. Lysaker (eds) A Dimensional Approach to Schizotypy: Conceptualization and Treatment (pp. 157-175). Cham: Springer International Publishing; pp.157-175. #evolutionarytheory #schizotypy

Gilbert, P., Basran, J. K., Plowright, P., & Gilbert, H. (2023). Energizing compassion: using music and community focus to stimulate compassion drive and sense of connectedness. Frontiers in Psychology, 14. #energisingcompassion #guidedpractice

Gilbert, P., Choden & Huxter, M. (2023). Exploration of Evolution-Informed Compassion-Focused Therapy and Buddhist Approaches to Insight Meditation: A Three-Way Exploration. Mindfulness, 1-24. #meditation #evolutionarytheory

Gilbert, P., & Van Gordon, W. (2023). Compassion as a skill: A comparison of contemplative and evolution-based approaches. Mindfulness, 14(10), 2395-2416.

Harris, D. (2023). An Exploration of Compassion Focused Therapy for Grieving Individuals. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine, 8(4), 1-31. #grief

Heriot-Maitland, C. (2023) Position Paper - CFT for Psychosis. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice.

Heriot-Maitland, C., & Murphy, N. (2023). A Compassion-Focused Approach to Working with Problematic Belief Systems. In S. Cheli & P.H. Lysaker (eds) A Dimensional Approach to Schizotypy: Conceptualization and Treatment (pp. 157-175). Cham: Springer International Publishing; pp.157-175. #beliefsystems

Heriot‐Maitland, C., Gumley, A., Wykes, T., Longden, E., Irons, C., Gilbert, P., & Peters, E. (2023). A case series study of compassion‐focused therapy for distressing experiences in psychosis. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. #psychosis #UK

Kirby, J. N., Hoang, A., & Ramos, N. (2023). A brief compassion focused therapy intervention can help self‐critical parents and their children: A randomised controlled trial. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice. #selfcriticism #families #RCT #Australia

Lau-Zhu, A., & Vella, L. (2023). A Compassion-Focused Therapy group for young people who live in foster, adoptive or kinship care: Initial development, reflections, and ways forward. Adoption & Fostering, 03085759231207397. #groups #adoptionandfostercare #youngpeople

Lennox, T. & Kennedy, A. (2023) Using structure compassion focused formulation towards change in couples and organisations. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine 8(3) #formulation organisations

Mason, D., Acland, J., Stark, E., Happé, F., & Spain, D. (2023). Compassion-focused therapy with autistic adults. Frontiers in Psychology, 14. #autism #adults #UK

Marques, C. C., Palmeira, L., Castilho, P., Rodrigues, D., Mayr, A., Pina, T. S., Pereira, A.T., Castelo-Branco, M. & Goss, K. (2023). Online Compassion Focused Therapy for overeating: Feasibility and acceptability pilot study. International Journal of Eating Disorders. #pilotstudy #eatingdisorder #Portugal

Matos, M., Petrocchi, N., Irons, C., & Steindl, S. R. (2023). Never underestimate fears, blocks, and resistances: The interplay between experiential practices, self‐conscious emotions, and the therapeutic relationship in compassion focused therapy. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 79(7), 1670-1685 #fearsblocksandresistances #casestudy

Maynard, P. G., van Kessel, K., & Feather, J. S. (2023). Self‐forgiveness, self‐compassion and psychological health: A qualitative exploration of change during compassion focused therapy groups. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 96(2), 265-280. #groups #NewZealand

Mousavi, S., Mousavi, S., & Shahsavari, M. R. (2023). Effectiveness of Compassion-Focused Therapy on Social Anxiety and Rumination among Female Heads of Households. Journal of Clinical Research in Paramedical Sciences, 12(2). #socialanxiety #femaleheadsofhouseholds #Iran

Millard, L., & Wittkowski, A. (2023). Compassion focused therapy for women in the perinatal period: A summary of the current literature. Frontiers in Psychiatry. #literaturereview #perinatal

Pol, S. M., de Jong, A., Trompetter, H., Bohlmeijer, E. T., & Chakhssi, F. (2023). Effectiveness of compassion‐focused therapy for self‐criticism in patients with personality disorders: a multiple baseline case series study. Personality and Mental Health. #personalitydisorderdiagnosis #casestudyseries

Ribeiro da Silva, D., Martin, C. R., Preedy, V. R., & Patel, V. B. (2023). Treatment of psychopathic traits in young offenders. In C. R. Martin, V. R. Preedy & V. B. Patel (eds) Handbook of Anger, Aggression, and Violence. Springer; pp/2197-2212 #psychopathy #youngpeople #forensic #Portugal

Rohmer, O., Charles, E., Lefebvre, F., Weibel, S., & Weiner, L. (2023). Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) for the reduction of the self-stigma of mental disorders: the COMpassion for Psychiatric disorders, Autism and Self-Stigma (COMPASS) study protocol for a randomized controlled study. Trials, 24(1), 1-20. #stigma #RCT #France

Ryynanen, J., MacLennan, K., Witten, E., Tipp, C., Wisdom, S., & Chan, S. W. (2023). Investigating the mood effects of nature sounds and soothing images in adolescents: A proof-of-concept randomised control pilot study. Wellcome Open Research, 8(433), 433. #nature #adolescents

Sochacki, J., & Case, K. I. (2023). Compassionate Pedagogy: A Narrative Based Curriculum for Undergraduates Who Are Refugees. In T. Vere Wolsey &I. M. Karkouti (eds) Teaching Refugees and Displaced Students: What Every Educator Should Know (pp. 35-47). Cham: Springer International Publishing; pp. 35-47 #compassionineducation #refugeea #childrenandyoungpeople

Vosper, J., Irons, C., Mackenzie-White, K., Saunders, F., Lewis, R., & Gibson, S. (2023). Introducing compassion focused psychosexual therapy. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 38(3), 320-352. #psychosexual #UK

Whalley, M., & Lee, D. (2023). Integrating Compassion into EMDR for PTSD. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine, 8(4), 1-18. #EMDR #integration

Wood, J., & Butler-Coyne, H. (2023). Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). In M.J. Turner, M. V. Jones & A. G. Wood (eds) Applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Approaches in Sport (pp. 44-60). Routledge; pp.44-60 #sport

January to May

Carter, A., Steindl, S. R., Parker, S., Gilbert, P., & Kirby, J. N. (2023). Compassion Focused Therapy to Reduce Body Weight Shame for Individuals with Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Behavior Therapy. #shame #obesity #Australia

Choobforoushzadeh, A., Rashidi, S., & Mottaghi, S. (2023). The effectiveness of compassion-focused therapy on the components of self-determination and suicidal ideation in adolescent girls with a history of self-harm. Journal of Modern Psychological Researches, 17(68). #adolescents #selfharmandsuicide #Iran

Clapton, N., & Hiskey, S. (2023). The Way is in Training: Martial Arts-informed Compassionate Mind Training to enhance CFT Therapists’ Compassionate Competencies. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine, 8(1), 1-17. #martialarts #embodiment #therapistcompetency #UK

Croston, M., & Rutter, S. (2023). Becoming an inner ally: the compassionate minds approach to self-compassion− an online programme. British Journal of Nursing, 32(1), S20-S23. #selfcriticism #nursing #UK

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Malpus, Z., Nazar, Z., Smith, C., & Armitage, L. (2023). Compassion focused therapy for pain management: ‘3 systems approach’ to understanding why striving and self-criticism are key psychological barriers to regulating activity and improving self-care for people living with persistent pain. British Journal of Pain, 17(1), 87-102. #chronic pain #selfcriticism #UK

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Moran, C., Shaw, H., Black, S., & Brewster, K. (2023) Compassionate Mind Training Group Programme: Implementation and Evaluation within an NHS Physical Health & Rehabilitation Psychology Service. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine, 8 (1) #compassionatemindtraining #physicalhealth #UK

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Riebel, M., & Weiner, L. (2023). Feasibility and acceptability of group compassion-focused therapy to treat the consequences of childhood maltreatment in people with psychiatric disorders in France. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 211(5), 393-401. #cftgroup #children #clinical #France

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