TEDxtalk 2018: The future of psychology: Compassion Focused Outcome - Dr Yotam Heineberg

Dr Yotam Heineberg discusses his passion for finding effective methods for healing the cycle of violence with compassion. With collaborators Dr. Rony Berger and Dr Philip Zimbardo, he has been implementing "ERASE-Stress-Pro-Social", a school-based, teacher mediated program that reduces post traumatic distress and increases pro social engagement in warzones and inner cities. They have recently completed data collection on an international project to examine the processes of heroic transformation from violence to peacemaker among former gang members, and Israeli and Palestinian former combatants who now work to make peace in their communities. These pilots will inform future compassion trainings in school systems worldwide.

Dr. Heineberg completed his doctorate in clinical psychology at the PGSP-Stanford consortium focusing on the cycle of violence, trauma and aggression, and applied scalable interventions to increase psychological wellbeing, and compassion for self and other, andf recently completed his post-doctoral fellowship with CCARE, where he has focused his energy on developing compassion interventions, as well as leading the Stanford Compassion In Action student volunteer initiative in East Palo Alto.