Embedding and Assessing Compassion on the University Curriculum

From the University of Hertfordshire


In this film, university academics from a range of disciplines set out why the science of compassion is making an impact on how group work in universities can be run - and why assessing students use of compassionate micro skills in group work is rational, practical and ethical. Students demonstrate the skills, in action, in their discussion group work,showing some typical problematic behaviours - taking over, or not contributing - and how these can be disrupted, often non verbally. Statistical evidence, analysed by three UK universities, indicates how putting compassion on the university curricula enhances not just student wellbeing. It is also impacting students' academic performance, compared to students in control groups. The film shows how allocating credit (for use of compassionate micro skills) towards degree attainment, is supported by a growing body of research in a range of fields and disciplines. See help and resources on: http://compassioninhe.wordpress.com