Workshop 1: Mobilising Compassion

October 11, 2021

Timings & Registration

The workshop will start at 9.30 and finish at 16.30. This workshop will be hosted via Zoom, and joining instructions will be sent to you in advance.

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About this workshop

How do we develop the  confidence and skill to bring embodied movement and work in action to our  psychotherapeutic practice to support our clients to cultivate compassion in  their minds and bodies? It is perhaps through offering ourselves the  opportunity to practice the techniques, through the lens of compassion, for  ourselves, learning from the inside out.

This workshop aims to  introduce simple but effective ways of working in action in both individual  and group settings. There will be an explicit focus in this workshop on using  role taking and play-based interventions to deepen our clients’ understanding  of their difficulties as well as to stimulate the care giving and care  receiving capacities to work through early trauma and past difficulties.  

Compassion Focused  Therapy (CFT) is a motivational and integrative approach to working with  shame and self-criticism, manifest in a broad range of psychological and  emotional difficulties. As such this evolutionary psychology based  neuroscientific model of the mind is highly relevant and applicable to  working with embodied action.

Working in action is intended to engage the whole person in mind,  emotions, body and action.  This  workshop will introduce creative, action and movement-based interventions to  meet the fundamental aims of CFT, the cultivation of compassion across the three  flows, to the self, from others and to others.  

Learning Outcomes

·        The relevance of Action Methods and play basedinterventions to CFT practice

·        The importance of cultivating the conditions forsafeness

·        Ways of integrating work in action into currentways of working with clients

Recommended Reading

Lucre, K., & Clapton, N. (2020). The Compassionate Kitbag: A creative and integrative approach to compassion-focused therapy. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 94 (1)

Lucre, K. (in press). Compassion Focused Group Psychotherapy for people who could attract a diagnosis of personality disorder. In P. Gilbert & G. Simoris (eds) Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical Practice and Applications. Routledge.

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Meet your instructor(s)

Dr Kate Lucre


Kate is a Birmingham based Compassion Focused Therapist and Supervisor specialising in the use of CFT for complex trauma, personality and relational difficulties for groups and individual. She is the regional supervision coordinator for the Compassionate Mind Foundation and also runs workshops for the Foundation and across the UK on CFT for Groups and Compassion Focused Staff Support and Supervision. Kate offers CFT supervision in groups and individually, including a monthly international  Supervision Group for therapists involved in the provision of CFT groups. She has have published data on Compassion Focused Group Psychotherapy and is currently completing a PhD in CFT at Birmingham University evaluating a 12 month CFGP programme for people with severe personality disorder. Kate is also involved in a number of UK wide research projects developing and evaluating Compassion Focused Staff Support Initiatives. You can see some of her past presentations and work by clicking here.